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Sak Saum
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Sak Saum

Sak Saum is a line of bags that is Fair-Trade and uniquely designed. These handbags are made in Cambodia and proceeds from the sales benefit the women who make them. These bags, mostly of raw silk, are made by women working towards independence and freedom from the horrors of human trafficking.
The beauty of the fabrics and bright colors set these bags apart, as do the hand-beading, coconut shell closures and wooden handles. Most have several interior pockets wide enough to hold an iphone or blackberry.You will seldom see your bag walking around on someone else’s arm, as they are generally one-of-a-kind.
Fair-Trade items provide fair wages, safe work environments and self-sufficiency to people producing goods for resale. Sak Saum works tirelessly to enable these workers to enjoy the benefits of their labor with pride and dignity.

How To Find Us
    |    E-mail Us        147 Remsen Street, Cohoes, New York 12047    518-854-0711     Hours: Wednesday-Friday 12-6pm  Saturday 10am-3pm